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Who knew owning a mobile phone could be so much fun!


The latest version of T2S Mobile text (SMS) to screen software offers a great conduit for communication between audience and venue catering for messaging, feedback, competitions, voting, advertising and more.

With a rich list of features T2S Mobile stands out as a market leader in mobile SMS audience interaction. T2S can captivate the audience, involve them, and allow them to interact with other clientele and the brand, enabling them to feel they have a stake in shaping their experience while at a venue or event. Customers can feel empowered and the end user has a tool to help them keep their finger on the pulse and gauge the requirements of their clients.

Now completely FREE, Yes FREE !!

Development of T2S Mobile was stopped at the end of 2012 as our business has taken us else where and are now to busy so we have decided to give the world a little gift, enjoy !

We you like to thank all the users that supported us over the years, we will still support your product 2 years after your purchase date.

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Text To Screen

Text to Screen more....

Text Requets

Music requested, birthday shouts and private message to the DJ or operator more....

Private Chat

The worlds most advanced. Private Messaging system the users control more ...

SMS Voting

Run live interactive voting polls, ideal to event such as battle of the bands , with real time results more....

Photo and Advertisements

Photo and Advertisements you control, generate revenue from sponsorship more....


textCAST™, real time competitions, give-a-ways and live information requests from users more....

VIp and Guest Lists

Create and manage user group lists such as VIP guest lists more....

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing like never before, send offers, promotions, event details direct to o your customer base more....


T2S V4 (2012)

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