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T2S Mobile is a fully featured software package designed to give venues and events live audience interaction utilising the benefits of today's SMS technology

The software needs to be installed on a PC with a second (dual) screen, one for the T2S interface and the other the secondary screen output is connected to your output screens or projectors so your customers can see their messages. A compatible mobile phone or GSM device to you computer via a data/USB cable is also required

When a user sends in their message the T2S software reads from your mobile phone or GSM device and the T2S operator authorises it to display on the screen

Users can also send in photos via Bluetooth and (after approval by the operator) they can be shown on your output screens. As the photos are sent via Bluetooth there is no MMS cost at all to your users (your PC will need Bluetooth for this feature)


T2S V4 (2012)

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