FREE Text (SMS) to Screen - Overview

in a nut shell

T2S works by facilitating communication between members of the audience and the venue or event they are attending via SMS messages from mobile phones

T2S is designed to meet the needs of the hospitality sector giving venues and events the benefits of today's SMS technology. creating live communicate with audience and venue, its performers, DJ’s or event organisers in a easy to use manner via a real time moderated users message board displayed on screens and projectors throughout the venue or event.

Features which add value for users include requests and operator and user private messages, textCAST™ on-screen voting, competitions and a random prize picker. Users can submit photos via Bluetooth (at no cost). All of these features encourage communication in real time.

Outputs screens can easily be customised to suit the individual needs of a specific venue such to reflect brand awareness or sponsorship. With the 24 / 7 scheduler module for automatically displaying advertising branding or promotions the system can bring high impact advertising as well as returned revenue


T2S Mobile features list

SMS to screen
User number database
Users settings remembered
Word / swear filter
Number barring
DJ / Operator interaction
Txt Tag™ and Gender Tag™
Screen Emoticons
Prize picker
Bluetooth picture messages
Automatic XML file creation
Automatic Adobe Flash variables file creation
Create your own branded output screens via HTML
Video Streaming
Bluff Titler graphics support
Runs suppoted from GSM device
Fully Integrated Private Messaging System
Live Voting
Live Picture Voting
Auto Slide Show
24/7 Slide Show / Advert Scheduling
SMS Message Responses
User Groups (VIP and Guest Lists etc)
User Number export
Bulk SMS Sender


T2S V4 (2012)

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