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Bluetooth Setup

T2S Mobile can display pictures received via Bluetooth.

This feature is great and very simple to involve people or even take a group photo!
Sending pictures via Bluetooth is free, even people that do not want to text can do it. (no user information is stored when a picture is received, the picture will remain loaded into T2S Mobile until it is deleted.)

For example: get a group of friends to take their picture on a camera phone and Bluetooth the image to T2S Mobile so it can be displayed on the screens immediately. Received pictures can also be used for picture voting.

To receive pictures via Bluetooth your PC will need to have a Bluetooth receiver, either built in to your PC or available as a USB plug in device. As pictures are received either a message will pop up (if you have it enabled) or on the top of the main menu or an icon of a camera will show.

You need to configure the Bluetooth to automatically accept incoming pictures without pairing with the phone (default Microsoft Bluetooth drivers will NOT work), different Bluetooth drivers are configured in different way, please see the user manual to set yours up.

The below example it how to set up the common drivers to automatically receive pictures via Bluetooth:

Bluetooth setup

  1. On your PC go to Control Panel > Bluetooth Configuration
  2. Select the General tab and enter a name in the ‘Computer name’ box, this is the name your clients will see when searching for a Bluetooth connection to send a picture to, so choose a name that will be easily identified like “T2S Mobile” or “Your Bar / Club Name”.
  3. Click on ‘Local Services’ tab, from the ‘Services Name’ list double click on ‘Bluetooth Imaging’.
    Windows 7 Screen Setup

  4. Under the ‘General Tab’ tick ‘Startup Automatically’ and un-tick ‘Secure Connection’ and, under the Notifications Tab click on ‘Do no provide notifications’ now click OK
    Windows 7 Screen Setup Windows 7 Screen Setup

  5. Now double on ‘File transfer’. tick ‘Startup Automatically’ and un-tick ‘Secure Connection’, in the ‘Browse’ and navigate to: C:\My Documents\T2S Mobile V4\Conf\Bluetooth Received (or where-ever you have chosen to install T2S Mobile). IMPORTANT Make sure that: ‘Remote users may modify Read Only File and Folders’ and ‘Remote users may access Hidden files or folders’ are un-ticked, now click OK.
    Windows 7 Screen Setup Windows 7 Screen Setup Windows 7 Screen Setup

  6. Now double click PIM item transfer, tick ‘Startup Automatically’ and un-tick ‘Secure Connection’. From the drop down lists select ‘Never send my business card’ , and ‘Do not accept’ from the business card, Calendar Items, Email, and Notes drop down lists
    Windows 7 Screen Setup Windows 7 Screen Setup

  7. Click ‘OK’ and click OK again. Bluetooth Configuration will close.


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